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the masked ronald reagan strikes again - japanese pilot

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April 9th, 2008

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02:16 pm - the masked ronald reagan strikes again
three of my best friends got busted a few days ago for, get this, running a drug factory. apparently having 2 lights, a fan, and some plants makes a drug factory. looks like im gonna need a new place to play rifts.


what really freaks me out is that i was at the house about 5 hours before they had the raid. to make it worse, they are also receiving charges for having built the upstairs garage space into a nice 16x24 apartment for 2 of our friends. all the details are in the link. anyway, i may start working at from you flowers again for awhile. (sigh). i hate that place, but it seems to be the only place i can get work without having to drive a long distance in the car i dont have. thanks for the great economy america. taking it in the gas once again.
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